Composition Portfolio

List of works

An evening in Montmartre

for piano solo (2005)


for flute solo (2005)

Glass fragment

for violin and piano (2006)

For Ligeti’s 100 metronomes

installation and violin duet (2006)


for violin, violoncello and piano (2007)


for piano solo (2007)



viola da gamba duet (2008)


a mini opera for soprano, violoncello and percussion (2009)


for oboe, duduk, kemençe and qanun (2010)

One legatura to be plucked (…for your lovers, the pillars of salt)

an opera for ensemble of 15 performers, an actor, an actress and a female singer (2010-2011)

Orchestration: tpt, hn, tbn, vn, va, vc, db, perc, tuned in 440Hz

baroque oboe/shawm, traverso flute, baroque vn, 2 viol, baroque hp, hpd, tuned in 415 Hz


for duduk, kemençe, kamancha and tar (2011)


for ensemble of 12 performers (2012)

Orchestration: fl, ob, cl, md, gt, hp, pno, perc, vn, va. vc, db


Lindengracht opera

a mini opera for soprano, mimer and a violin player (2011-2012)


a piano quintet (2012-2013)


a music theater piece for three folk singers, a soprano, a tenor, two church organs and a portative organ (2013-2014)

Absinth and the wound of desire (…burn it with vodka, wash it with fire)

a monodram for soprano (2013-2014)

Dandelion cupcakes (… with the wounds fluorescent in the darkness crowded with sighs)

a monodram for soprano (2016)


Music for the film “Asterion Market“, directed by Evi Minou

for voice and violin (2017)


Vocalise on Mantras 

for soprano and electronics (2018)


Le zizan

for piano solo (2018)